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What Types Of Hot Melt Marking Paint Can Be Divided Into?
- Jul 03, 2018 -

Hot-melt marking paints can be classified into three categories according to their functions: the first type is ordinary type marking paint. This kind of ordinary marking paint processing is generally not mixed with reflective glass beads, and no reflective glass beads are added during construction. It is mainly used for the parking space of each parking lot or the parking space on the roadside of urban roads; the second type is reflective type marking paint, which will mix 18% to 25% in the production of manufacturers. Reflective glass beads, and a layer of glass beads on the surface of the marking line to enhance the rainy day reflection effect during construction. Guangzhou Line Engineering Company tells you that this reflective type marking paint is mainly used for urban road marking and high speed. The road markings are used for various markings; the third type is the protruding marking material (also called the oscillating marking paint). This type of protruding marking paint will mix 18% to 25% of the reflection in the factory. Glass beads, and a layer of glass beads on the surface of the glass to enhance its reflective effect.