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What Should I Pay Attention To In The Construction Of Summer Road Marking Paint?
- Jul 25, 2018 -

1. Vehicle inspection, whether the gasoline, oil, tires and other items of the vehicle are normal, whether the diesel engine of the diesel engine or the water tank is normal.

2, try to avoid the time between 12 o'clock and -2 o'clock noon, the construction vehicle should be prepared with mineral water to avoid heat stroke.

Safety is the premise of all work, safety is no small matter, I hope that in the summer construction, everyone can do more inspections on the environment, construction equipment, etc., to avoid accidents.

3. Because the construction temperature of the marking machine is too high, workers must wear gloves and masks during construction. It is strictly forbidden to smoke during work.

4, safety facilities inspection, reflective road cones, temporary sealing signs, reflective work clothes are fully equipped.

5, into the summer, the temperature rises, the road marking paint must be done before the construction of the safety inspection, mainly: the hose connecting the hot melt tank and the liquefied gas tank, the hose on the trolley, the gas tank valve is normal.