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What Kind Of Marking Machine Is Used On The Expressway?
- Jul 17, 2018 -

 The experienced construction team knows that the quality of the marking line is closely related to many factors, such as: road environment, marking paint quality, road quality, air humidity during construction, temperature and so on. The marking machine, although one of the important factors affecting the quality of the marking, is not a decisive factor. The quality of the marking machine determines the efficiency of the marking construction. The biggest role of the marking machine is to save the user time and labor costs.

   A ride-type marking machine can construct an average of 10 kilometers per hour, while a hand-pushing machine is a marking machine that can work 5-6 kilometers a day for 8 hours. Take a 100-kilometer expressway for example. It takes a day to use the ride-type marking machine to complete the overtime work. Of course, this is ideal. Actual construction may take more time. Let’s take a little longer to calculate for 3 days. The traditional hand-push marking machine wants to complete the 100-kilometer marking project within 3 days, even if it is done with 5 hand-pushing marking machines, it may not be possible to work overtime with horsepower.

   Moreover, if the weather does not rain during the construction period, as long as the rain is not stopped, it will be extended indefinitely. This is especially the case in the rainy seasons of the South. The ride-type marking machine can catch the rare good weather in this season and complete the construction in the shortest time. As long as the marking line is completed when the road surface is dry, the impact of heavy rain on the quality of the marking line is also minimal.

   As the domestic labor cost is getting higher and higher, the benefits of the ride-type marking machine will become more and more obvious. Using the marking line every day is equivalent to saving 3-6 workers for 3 days per day.