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What Is The Use Of The Marking Machine To Control The Operating System?
- Jul 11, 2018 -

 The control system is the core and key technology of the marking machine. Some use manual control of the scribing, which not only increases the tension of the staff during operation, but also the accuracy of the scribing is difficult to grasp. The operator needs to rely on a wealth of experience to make the marked markings meet the requirements. Guangzhou Tuwei marking machine adopts advanced PLC micro-electronic control system to make the semi-brake of marking machine completely intelligent. The intelligent system can be programmed freely, automatically setting a single solid line, double solid lines, various dashed lines, and the like. By adopting the system, the marking machine can start to work once and set the line segment ratio once, and the whole course is automatically controlled to reduce the influence of human factors and obviously improve the quality of the marking line. When the old line is repeated, the machine is placed at the beginning of the old line, and the parameters are set according to the original line ratio, so that the old line can be overwritten and the new line is drawn with an error of less than 1%.