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What Are The Preparations For The Front Parking Lot?
- Jul 04, 2018 -

1. Before the parking lot is lined, it is necessary to clarify the purpose of the parking lot marking, and conduct on-site surveys on the site, and then calculate the number of reserved garages in the vehicle in combination with the actual terrain structure, and plan the parking lot in an orderly manner.

2. Match the necessary equipment and goods, clarify the overall role of the parking lot, improve a safe and orderly parking system, and rationally select the parking lot to scribe traffic equipment, such as the traffic line, the column corner, the intersection wide-angle lens, etc. planning.

3. The Transportation Facilities Engineering Company tells you to plan the necessary safe entrances and exits before marking and to select the entrance and exit system. It is necessary to set the inbound navigation sign, the parking lot marking line and the clear sign of the safe entrance and exit of the parking lot within a certain range of the parking lot.

4. Design the plan renderings, plan the parking lot parking spaces, and use the site reasonably to further clarify the construction process and the effect to be achieved.

5. Manufacture CAD construction drawings, determine the construction drawings, and have a clear and clear construction plan before construction to ensure smooth construction.

6. The transportation facilities engineering company reminds that in addition to the above work, the instruction manual of the paint should be carefully read before the construction of the scribing, and the ratio and dilution of the parking lot scribing should be carried out according to the requirements. At the same time, the paint should be evenly mixed and stirred until construction. The viscosity required. In addition, remember not to mix the different colors with the manufacturer's paint, which may cause discoloration of the paint or adverse reactions after construction.