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What Are The Characteristics Of The Road Marking Machine?
- Jul 10, 2018 -

Road striping equipment features: forced deceleration, vibration reminder, rainy night reflective, anti-slip.

Forced deceleration: dangerous road section prompts deceleration, and the driving speed of turning and downhill sections is slowed down; 2. Vibration reminder: driver prompts and warns when driving fatigue and lack of concentration; 3. Rainy night reflection: improve driving vision and enhance driving Safety and reliability; 4. Non-slip: increase the friction with the road surface and reduce the driving speed.

Road marking machine is mainly used in accident-prone areas and places that require high awareness of road contours, such as edge lines, turning points, entrances and exits, tunnels, steep slopes, etc. of high-grade roads; urban road intersections, lane dividing lines, special The dividing line of the lane and so on.