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The Structure Of The Marking Machine
- Mar 29, 2018 -

The structure of the road marking machine is diverse, because the production design is different or applied to different construction objects and different materials in the structure will have a discrepancy. The marking machine generally must have the coating (melt material) bucket, the marking bucket (spray gun), the guide rod, the controller and so on the installment, and according to need to configure each kind of power-assisted drive carrier.

Engine: Most of the road marking machine uses the engine as the power, also has uses the battery as the power. If the use of the engine, the power of about 2, 5HP to 20HP, but the best international brands, such as the United States Briggs&stratton, Japan Honda, its advantages are self-evident: stable performance and easy to purchase to spare parts, it almost determines the entire operation of the equipment performance; If using the battery as the power, also must consider each charge can run time, preferably not less than 7 hours (about a day's working hours).

Air Compressor: It is the main part that affects the performance of the whole machine for the road marking machine (instead of hydraulic breathing) As with engines, you should consider purchasing products with internationally renowned brand air compressors. The bigger the emissions, the better, but with a limit of 1.

Paint (Melt) Barrels: There are two main functions: first, the coating, in this sense, the size of its capacity will affect the number of raises and the progress of the operation. Another feature that many users ignore, that is, the container is also a pressure vessel, it through the air compressor pressure, into a pressure of the "gas tank" to become the power of line work, in this sense, its sealing, safety, corrosion resistance are users should consider. The better barrel are made of stainless steel, individual products also meet the ASME Standard in the United States.