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Polyurea Elastic Anti-slip Marking Paint
- Mar 29, 2018 -

Truly environmentally friendly road markings: No pollution to the atmosphere and water ... Often used in anti-corrosion waterproofing engineering

★ High surface hardness, abrasion resistance is 10 times times more than carbon steel, epoxy resin 4 times times;

★ Good flexibility, high elasticity;

★ Strong corrosion resistance, can withstand the vast majority of medium long-term erosion;

★ UV radiation, long-term use in the outdoors is not aging, not powder;

★ Strong thermal stability, can be used in -50℃~120℃ temperature long-term, and can withstand 230 ℃ short-term thermal shock;

★ Applicable to metal, concrete, plastic, wood, asphalt and other grass-roots materials;

★ Strong adhesion, and the basic materials with solid, long-term use does not fall off, not empty drums;

★ Coating without seams, the overall sealing is good;

★ The raw material does not contain volatile matter, the coating will not appear pinhole, no pollution to the environment;

★ The prototype reproducibility is good.