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How To Solve The Persistence Of The Reflective Marking Of The Highlight?
- Mar 29, 2018 -

On the hot melt marking reflective, small series here is not to unfold the elaboration, the following small series describes the lasting highlight two-part marking the reflective effect;

Two-part spraying line because the reflective glass bead is the surface of the process, there is no mixed beads, so the surface of the glass bead adhesion requirements are very high, think of achieving reflective lasting type, must choose the quality of the two-part coating and highlight glass beads.

, general hot Melt Special glass beads are coated silicone oil, is to prevent sedimentation, so that the glass bead floating on the surface of the paint to achieve reflective effect.

Look at the reflective line, in addition to the adhesion of glass beads, but also value the glass beads of light transmittance and Cheng rate. Three win selection of glass beads from the production of materials, the use of high-quality glass, impurities and light transmittance requirements are very high. This reduces the attenuation of the light during reflection.

The glass bead Cheng rate guarantees the light the original road reflection, the roundness rate is higher, will also feel brighter when the lamp shines. Triple-win reflective glass beads into the circle rate requirements of more than 95%, to do a good job of reflection in each step, to achieve the overall reflective effect.

Note that the construction process is also very important, glass bead size selection, glass bead dosage ratio, depending on the situation, are different. Looks very simple a road marking construction, in fact the detail is very important, only then completes each detail, can guarantee the quality.