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Detailed Classification Of Road Marking Material
- Mar 29, 2018 -

Traditional marking paint, which is slow in drying, short in service life and low in cost, is still widely used in urban roads and general roads in China. The market price is about 12000 yuan/ton.

2. Heating solvent Type Road marking paint

High solids content, less solvent, fast drying, good reflective effect, widely used in foreign high-grade highways.

3. Hot-melt reflective Road marking paint

Fast drying, film thickness, long service life, reflective durability, the current in China's high-grade highway dominant position. The market price is about 4000 yuan/ton.

4. Protruding type vibrating reflective marking paint

On the basis of hot-melt development, can be used as deceleration, vibration, warning, rain line and other uses, the form of ribs, round-point type, rain groove type. At present, the deceleration line and sideline in expressway have been widely used.

5. Waterborne Reflective Road marking paint

Drying time in general, the temperature below 10 degrees is not recommended under construction, the existing problem is the asphalt pavement adhesion and water resistance is poor.

China's manufacturers introduce foreign waterborne marking paint, but in the application process have not been satisfactory results. Therefore, water-based coatings in China is still in the development and trial application stage. The application effect is not ideal, generally do not apply coating under the coating (high cost), so the bond strength is low, the problem picture reflects very clear