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Characteristics Of Road Marking Material
- Mar 29, 2018 -

(1) Hot-melt type

The type of coating is physical drying type. Anti-slip aggregate is generally premixed in the coating, the construction temperature is more than 200 ℃, energy consumption is high, but the cost is relatively low, environmental protection is good, basically no environmental pollution. Because the film is thermoplastic resin, high-temperature deformation, easy to crack, large area construction difficulties, durability is generally 2 years or so.

(2) Two-part cold-painted

This type of coating is chemically crosslinked and cured. Under normal temperature construction, the construction of the two-part base material mixed coating on the road, and then immediately spread the protection of the sliding aggregate, the spread of the aggregate as a non-color non-slip aggregate, should be coated with a color surface layer. The base material of this kind of paint is composed of two-component system without solvent, but there are some residue monomer in the film-forming resin, which is less environmental pollution. Film-forming resin mainly for acrylic acid, epoxy resin and other types, with good adhesion to the grass, and road with a strong, wear-resistant, good durability, but the cost is slightly higher.

(3) Single-group cold-coated

The type of coating is physical drying type. Anti-slip aggregate is fine, generally premixed in the paint. Under normal temperature construction, because the paint contains volatile organic solvents, environmental pollution is serious. A thin film thickness, the need to spray several times to achieve a certain coating thickness, and basic adhesion is poor, and its wear resistance, durability and coating thickness.

To sum up, the domestic research department is necessary to the color pavement anti-skid coating system research, in particular, the development of environmentally friendly, functional, durable color pavement anti-skid coatings, while developing its new construction technology, occupy the international forefront of the technical level of such products, put it into actual production and use, occupy the market opportunities, will bring good economic benefits for the production enterprises, but also very social benefits.