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What kind of marking machine is used for marking on the highway?
- Jul 17, 2018 -

  The difference between the east and the west of our road conditions is not only affected by economic development, but also due to the fact that China's terrain is high in the west and low in the east, and there are many plains in the east and mountains in the west.

    The selection of the marking machine does not have much to do with the road grade, and it is closely related to the width of the road, the amount of marking work, the terrain, and the traffic flow.

    If the amount of the marking line is not large, such as the redrawing of the old line of some sections, you can use the hot melt marking machine with ordinary hand or hand-held test. Because of the small hot melt marking machine, the small size, flexible construction and convenient transportation, the construction team can take it to the construction section to complete the construction.

If the amount of work is relatively large and the traffic volume of the lined construction section is dense, it is recommended to use a highly efficient vehicle-mounted or ride-type marking machine. Because the construction of the line needs to close part of the construction section, it will affect the traffic, and the sooner the completion of the scribing construction task, the smaller the impact on traffic.