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What is a hot melt marking paint?
- Jul 03, 2018 -

Hot-melt marking paint is mainly used for highways and highways above level 2. The thickness of the marking line drawn by this hot-melt marking paint is 1.8mm. The coating is mixed with reflective glass beads and is underlined. When the surface of the reflective glass beads is added, the marking with the added reflective glass beads has good nighttime reflective performance and long service life, generally up to (2~3) years. The construction of hot melt coating requires special heating equipment. When re-coating the old marking line, it is necessary to remove the thick old coating before construction. Otherwise, the quality of the marking line will be affected. In addition, it is not suitable for the construction of hot-melt marking paint during rain and snow weather and road surface. Construction under the circumstances, otherwise it will affect the quality of the marking.