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What equipment is needed for road marking?
- Jul 20, 2018 -

 Many customers who have not contacted the construction of overheated fuse lines often have such misunderstandings. They think that the hot melt line is the same as the room temperature cold spray, as long as there is a hot melt line machine. However, the actual situation is that the hot melt scribing construction is much more complicated than the normal temperature scribing construction.

    Due to the hot melt scribing, it is necessary to heat the powdered hot-melt scribing paint to a temperature of 180-200 degrees Celsius to melt into a liquid. For construction safety, the small hot melt marking machine separates the scribing device from the heating device for heating and melting the paint, so as to avoid unnecessary burns and greatly improve the melt efficiency.

    In general, the hot-melt marking equipment required for the initial construction of the scribing construction team includes: hydraulic two-cylinder hot-melt kettle, hand-push hot-melt marking machine, hand-push hot-melt zebra machine, hand-push pre-line Machine and so on.

    among them:

    The hydraulic double-cylinder hot-melt kettle is recommended to use the TT-ZRFS450-I hydraulic double-cylinder hot-melt kettle. This hot melt kettle is designed for on-board design and is greatly convenient for transportation. At the same time, it has the characteristics of high melt efficiency, good melt quality, low fuel consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, simple operation and high safety. It is used together with TT-SRG-I hand-push marking machine for yellow and white hot melt. The construction of the long solid marking line and the short virtual marking line is very efficient.