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What are the reasons for marking off the road marking machine after construction?
- Jun 28, 2018 -

1, Road marking construction coating itself and the road surface of the bonding ability is relatively poor, the film is relatively hard or relatively brittle, after the next coating after the coating is not drawn for a long time, then it will be stained with dust, then after Dashing can cause exfoliation.

2. If the road is not cleaned cleanly, or there is water on the road surface, it is relatively humid and construction is performed on the old marking line. The combination is not good and the paint adhesion is not enough.

3, the ambient temperature is relatively low, the construction quality is not very stable, so it is easy to cause peeling off phenomenon, the melting temperature is relatively low, this will seriously affect the adhesion of the marking line and the road surface, melting is not sufficient, and the mixing is not very uniform .

4, improper choice of cement pavement paint, the new shop of the cement pavement due to the surface of the larger, brittle layer exists, but also more likely to lead to peeling off.