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Road traffic markings Daquan and illustrations
- Mar 29, 2018 -

White Dash and solid line

Usually, the road traffic markings are mostly white, white dotted lines are separated from the same driving lanes, can be used to change lanes and other operations, while the white solid line is not allowed to travel, often as a white dotted lines in front of the intersection, or to separate the roadside parking area.

Second, yellow solid line

Yellow solid line used to distinguish between the different directions of the lane, the general painting in the middle of the road, the road is more than double yellow line, lane on the road with a single yellow line. and whether the single yellow line or double yellow line, are strictly prohibited vehicles across, so the line, overtaking or turn around are not allowed. Once you violate the rules, you'll be fined.

Three, yellow dotted line

The yellow dotted line is also designed to differentiate lanes in different directions, usually on narrower roads. Regardless of the single yellow line or double yellow line, as long as the dotted line, you can transiting overtaking or turn around, of course, must be in the case of safety assurance.

Four, the actual line

On the ramp, the bridge before and after the place will often appear white or yellow of the actual line, the dotted side of the vehicle to allow temporary crossing or turn around, and the real line on one side of the vehicle can not be allowed, otherwise it is a violation of the act.

V. Deceleration prompt Line

Usually at the intersection or school entrance, such as the road, often appear to remind the vehicle deceleration of the markings or signs, the style is quite rich, not single.