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Road marking machine classification
- Jun 27, 2018 -

Vehicle-mounted marking machine: driving the mount, driving the body before and after the installation of machinery, used in large-scale projects, long-distance construction marking, operators need to understand driving technology, driving walking, saving time and effort.

Car marking machine

Self-scoring machine: Hand-held driving device, the machine itself has a driving device, self-propelled walking, no manual assistance, used in large and medium-sized engineering, vehicle-mounted inconvenient short-distance construction, smart and easy to operate.

Hand-push type marking machine: hand-assisted form, manual push-spin skating device, need to rely on manpower to walk, applied to small projects, short-distance construction, convenient and flexible operation.

According to construction temperature

Hot-melt striping machine: It is gradually developed and improved with the development of hot-melt coating, and it is a kind of high automation machinery. The construction needs a set of equipment to complete the construction function from the melt to the scribe. The equipment is generally composed of a hot melt kettle, a marking machine (including a zebra crossing striping machine), a pre-criterion machine, and an undercoating machine. Of course, users can choose device configurations of different models, different grades and different functions according to their own economic strength, project size, and degree of specialization. In the configuration, the hot-melt striping machine can be divided into three types of hot-melting, hot-melting and hot-melting spraying according to different marking methods.

Cold spray (cold lacquer) scriber: Cold spray scribe is a kind of conventional type scribe line with the longest history. This scribe line is generally completed by a normal temperature line marking machine. The cold jet marking machine can be divided into two types: high pressure airless type, low pressure air auxiliary type, etc. according to different types of scribing; according to the type of applied coating, it can be divided into normal temperature flux type, normal temperature water type and heating solvent type. Three types (generalized normal-temperature marking machines also include two-component type, especially two-component spraying type, which is a broad-spectrum type marking machine with both conventional normal-temperature and two-component coating functions),

Two-component striping machine: Two-component striping is a kind of high-end marking that has emerged in recent years. It is different from hot striping and normal temperature striping by the physical drying methods such as temperature drop or solvent (aqueous) evaporation. Two-component scribing is a new type of scribing method that forms a coating film by internal chemical crosslinking. The two-component scoring machine used for construction of two-component crossed lines is divided into the type of paint throwing structure, scraping flat line type and high pressure airless spray type according to the type of coating to which it is applied and the appearance of the construction line type. Three types, the following picture shows the domestic two-component marking machine.