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Marking machine structure features
- Jul 16, 2018 -

1. Simple structure, light weight, more labor-saving, hand-push operation, one person can control

2 The traveling speed is stable, the operation is simple, the marking line is uniform, and the line shape is beautiful.

3 The melt insulation effect is good, which greatly improves the convenience and safety of the equipment operation;

4 The new high-precision scoring bucket is made of special alloy and has good thermal conductivity, ensuring no deformation or leakage during use.

5 Hand-controlled glass sprinklers control the clutching of the transmission gear through the flexible shaft. The spreader can be adjusted or stopped according to actual needs, and the spreading width and speed can be adjusted arbitrarily.

6 Unbiased positioning and biased design, so that the equipment can be equipped with a zebra-line marking bucket and maintain unbiased straight-line driving. Steel core pure natural rubber wheel, resistant to wear, high temperature, low friction, high elasticity, and promotes smooth and labor-saving.