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Main components of the road marking machine
- Jul 13, 2018 -

1. Engine: Most road marking machines use the engine as the power, and also use the battery as the power. If the engine is used, its power is about 2, 5HP to 20HP, but it is best to be internationally renowned brands such as Briggs & Stratton in the United States and Honda in Japan. The advantages are self-evident: stable performance and easy to purchase parts, it is almost It determines the running performance of the whole equipment; if using the battery as the power, it is also necessary to consider the time that each charging can be operated, preferably no less than 7 hours (about 1 day working time).

  2, air compressor: for the road marking machine relying on air to spit (not hydraulic spitting), it is also the main component affecting the performance of the whole machine. As with the engine, you should consider purchasing a product equipped with an internationally renowned brand air compressor. The bigger the emissions, the better, but there must be a limit.

  3, the barrel: There are two main functions: 1 is the coating, in this sense, the size of its capacity will affect the number of fillings and the progress of the work. The other function is ignored by many users, that is, the container is also a pressure vessel, which is pressurized by the air compressor and becomes a pressurized "gas cylinder" to become the driving force for the scribing work. In this sense, It is said that its sealing, safety and corrosion resistance should be considered by users. The better barrels are made of stainless steel, and individual products also meet the American ASME standard.

  4, spray gun: There are two types on the market at present, one is the use of "spray box" for spitting, the price is relatively cheap, especially suitable for sports field lawn and general parking lot construction; the other is to use the spray gun to spit, this It is the spray gun in the strict sense, but the price of its nozzle is relatively high.