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Introduction to the knowledge of road marking paint
- Mar 29, 2018 -

The road sign paint is also called the street marking paint. A kind of paint used for road marking and various traffic signs.

Use this kind of paint as color mark to distinguish fast lane, crosswalk, parking place, parking lot and so on. Its characteristics are fast drying, high visibility, tough wear-resistant. By the base material, coloring pigments, fillers and other components, commonly used substrates are polyurethane, epoxy resin, chlorinated rubber, vinyl resins and petroleum resins.

English Name: Traffic paint

General designation: Road Marking Paint

Includes: Hot melt marking paint, solvent-based marking paint, protrusion marking paint, color anti-skid marking paint, hot melt skid-resistant marking paint, etc.

According to the construction method can be divided into ambient temperature construction of solvent-based coatings, heating construction of solvent-based coatings and hot melt construction powder coating three categories. If in the paint with glass beads, coating can make light for directional reflection, known as directional reflective road marking paint, this coating for night traffic provides security.