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Introduction of road hot melt marking machine
- Jul 20, 2018 -

The road hot melt marking machine is a professional pavement engineering equipment specially designed for hot melt traffic marking. The road hot melt marking machine can easily and safely draw beautiful and durable hot melt traffic markings, so it is widely used in hot melt marking engineering projects on different floors such as highways, airports and runways.

With the development of science and technology, the road hot-melt marking machine is also constantly upgrading, the degree of automation of the hot-melt marking machine is getting higher and higher, the construction is more and more labor-saving, and the continuous construction capability is getting stronger and stronger.

The early road hot melt marking machine was mainly a small hand-push type hot melt marking machine. This hand-push hot melt marking machine is very popular in small construction units, but it is very popular in small construction units. The equipment has high labor intensity, and workers are prone to fatigue during construction, which is not suitable for large marking projects. In the early construction, when doing the large-scale hot-melt scribing project, the construction of a large amount of marking line project was carried out by using multiple equipments and multiple workers to draw lines or take turns to draw lines by increasing the labor cost. However, as the cost of domestic labor continues to rise, the cost of this method is also rising.