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In addition to the working principle of the line machine.
- Jul 02, 2018 -

In addition to the line machine because of its different working principles, it can be divided into two types: flat-rotating line remover, milling-type line remover, and steel brush line remover. It is applied to pavements with different materials and conditions. The application of wire removal machines saves time and economic investment in pavement cleaning and maintenance. Road markings are generally divided into mechanical and water-flooding machines. Traditional mechanical wire removal machines often cause noticeable dents on the road surface due to process problems, and they are accompanied by dust and cause more environmental pollution. . The imported road marking line removes the line machine and feathers the substrate groove by rolling operation, eliminating grooves and ripples in the construction of conventional equipment. With the Smith Dust Collector, it can collect dust and debris after wire removal. It is a truly dust-free wire removal device. In addition to the line machine, road marking line removal machine, professional road cleaning and maintenance machinery, used for roads, parking lots, runways and other roads, pavement signs of damage removal clearing, in order to road maintenance and landscaping.