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How to correctly select the marking paint?
- Jul 04, 2018 -

1. The break line of the expressway can be made of durability marking paint

Because the broken line is usually drawn on the road where the vehicle is changing lanes and merging, the number of times of rolling of the vehicle is relatively frequent, the wear of the marking line is relatively large, and the coating of the hot-melt-scraping paint is thicker. Durable, the use of durable marking material can ensure the normal use of the marking line for a long time, reducing the risk of construction work under the conditions of opening.

2. The solid line of the expressway can be hot melt reflective type

Because the vehicles on the expressway are more standardized, the solid line is less subject to rolling pressure and less wear, and the reflective performance of the marking line is higher. The hot-melt reflective coating can meet this requirement, and the performance price ratio is the highest. Preferred.

3. The highway turning and the outer edge line can be used to project the convex structure type vibration anti-cursor line

If the friction coefficient of these road sections is too small, and the speed of the vehicle is too fast, the moving vehicles will deviate from the normal line due to the centrifugal force, causing a traffic accident. When the Guangzhou Road marking company adopts the convex structure type vibration anti-cursor line, once the wheel is pressed On the marking line, the body will produce a slight shock, and at the same time, noise will be emitted to remind the driver that the vehicle has gone off. In addition, the raised part can make the marking line still have good reflective performance in the rainy night.

4. The curved roads, crossroads, factories and campus gates of urban roads adopt convex structure type vibration anti-cursor line. In these important sections, the vibration of the driver can be improved by swaying the convex structure type vibration anti-cursor line. The speed of the car prevents slippage, makes driving safe, and protects passing pedestrians.

5. The general road is best to use the reverse cursor line

Generally, there are few safety signs such as signs and outlines on the road, and there is no lighting, and the motor vehicles and other vehicles are mixed. The road conditions are complicated and the driving at night is extremely unsafe. In order to prevent accidents, it is recommended to add various road management departments. Traffic safety facilities, the marking line is best to be reflective.