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How to clean the road marking machine?
- Jun 29, 2018 -

With the rapid development of road construction, the amount of paint on horse marking lines is rapidly increasing. In recent years, new products of horse marking line paint produced by Guangzhou Top Way Road Machinery Company have appeared constantly, resulting in the continuous emergence of varieties of road marking machines. When Guangzhou Top Way Road Machinery cleaned the marking equipment, how was it cleaned? As a professional road marking company, how should the marking equipment be cleaned?

1. Open the drain valve and drain the accumulator

2. Open the paint bucket to put the paint ball valve, exhaust paint bucket paint

3. Close the paint bucket and place the paint ball valve, and pour the thin material into the paint bucket.

4. Insert the suction tube into the thin drum to circulate and clean it

5. Start the engine, paint pump work, inhale thinner to cycle cleaning

6. Close the drain valve and open the gun so that the thinner material flushes out the paint in the tubing and the spray gun

7. Guangzhou Road Dashing Company reminded that if a cleaning is not clean, repeat the above steps can be thoroughly washed

8. Two cylinders can be cleaned separately according to the above procedure

9. Clean the spray gun, nozzle, oil or dip the nozzle into the oil.

10. Change the hydraulic oil: The hydraulic machine should be changed once every 2000 hours of the marking machine. If the hydraulic oil turns black, it should be replaced immediately.

11. Change the oil: The engine uses 4-stroke gasoline engine oil, use a month or 200 hours to change the oil, then change the oil every 6 months or 1000 hours.

12. Clean the engine air filter, spark plug, sediment cup, etc. every 6 months or 1000 hours.