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How should the quality of hot melt road marking paint be controlled?
- Jun 29, 2018 -

1. The white tremble is rutile type Qin white is preferred. The quality of its control is mainly based on the effects of different manufacturers on the specific use of paint products based on the selection of colorimeter after testing the best Qin white products.

2. The quality control point of petroleum resin is to select the advanced resin production technology of the same type of manufacturer, and the resin product has a lighter shade and better adhesion.

3. For the determined road marking paint additives must be strictly controlled its purity, purity, color, bright and transparent.

4. The quality control of the filler raw materials is mainly to control the color of the raw materials, use the same manufacturer's material to pull evenly, and the white color reaches the standard product.

5. The focus of quality control of reflective glass beads is water resistance, appearance shape, pull three aspects, the appearance of the shape of the glass beads is required to be transparent ball-shaped pull.