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Crossed machine accessories and other functions
- Mar 29, 2018 -

1, line width: The International general Road marking width of 15 cm, taking into account the machine may be in the car park, community and other venues to use, it should be purchased with the width of the function of the marking machine, will help to reasonable use and save paint. 1-like adjustable range of 5~15 cm.

2, Paint type: Commonly used paint has solvent-based and water-soluble type two kinds. If the dash is not "Pick 3 Pick 4", both can be used, you can expand your business scope to the playground lawn and other places.

3, Hand Gun: the use of hand gun, in addition to allowing you to freely use the template to spray a variety of symbols, but also in the ground outside the walls, columns and other places to work. Hand gun has slowly become the standard of various types of marking machine configuration.

4, cleaning system: Some of the marking machine with automatic cleaning system, it can be done after each day to quickly clean the piping system, so that your cleaning work to save more than 1 and a half time.

5, Glass beads system: Road maintenance companies also need to consider the configuration of glass micro-bead cloth system as a standard configuration. The system can be sprayed with glass beads, so that the construction of road marking fully meet the national requirements.

6. Bend operation. Some of the dashes also have 1 extra wheels installed at the back, which allows you to work freely along the curved lines. Companies engaged in sports fields and multiple bends can consider purchasing a dash with this function. Some of them already have this feature.