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Cold spray marking machine technical features
- Jul 12, 2018 -

 1. Motor: DC sealed brushless motor, long life, easy maintenance, low maintenance costs.

2. Plunger pump body; adopts full oil intrusive lubrication mode, hydraulic assist to reduce wear. The service life can reach more than 40,000 hours.

3. Sealing pad; carefully designed and casted from imported materials from the United States. Super wear-resistant, it can be used freely in winter or in summer, acid and alkali resistance, fatigue resistance, easy to replace.

4. Suction pipe network; vertical body, pipette is easy to clean and clean, one person can move independently and operate conveniently. Stainless steel processing is resistant to corrosion and the inner wall does not fall off without clogging. The liquid suction filter solves the problem that the liquid inlet surface is small and easy to block, and the liquid inlet area is increased, and the space is reduced. Built-in enlarged filter.

5. Valve body; the inlet valve and the outlet valve are super wear-resistant with spherical ceramic beads, which is several dozen times longer than the traditional steel ball. Keep on facing, don't break.

6. Pressure regulation; mechanical automatic pressure regulation pressure is stable, no pulse, oil intrusion protection, long life. Easy to maintain and affordable.

7. Frame; compact and practical, easy to move, detachable, easy to wrap 30 meters high pressure hose, the whole equipment is easy to care.

8. Configuration; electric and fuel-based multiple design, high power and large flow rate, dual gun configuration can support dual gun simultaneous operation. No need to equip the air compressor, avoid double maintenance, reduce maintenance costs, reduce unnecessary troubles and save energy.